in excess

I love hand-me-downs, I really do. Our very generous friends and family have basically outfitted my kids, especially the girls, for years. I love to see Ulka in clothes that my friends Kristin and Patti’s kids wore or that her cousin Evelyn handed down.  I love to see Ila in Lucy’s and Anupriya’s clothes. I’m not super picky about my kids clothes really, and for the most part it’s all good and useful, but over the years I’ve accumulated a massive amount of stuff that I’m not going to use.  I’ve been saving it to consign or sell at a garage sale or something.  I was sorting out the kids clothes for fall trying to figure out what they have and what they need when I lost it with the bags and boxes of clothes. Our neighbor was over and he encouraged me to just get rid of it. He reminded me that no matter how tight things might be for us right now, there are so many people who have nothing. And he’s so right. Saving bags of clothing that I’ve inherited to consign or sell  seemed so wrong and selfish.

4 kids = a lot of clothes

In a rush of adrenaline, I also emptied the kid’s playroom, cleaned it, and sorted through everything. I got rid of a ton of toys and books that no one plays with and I helped the girls choose some things to donate also. We talked about how fortunate we are to have so many things and about other children who don’t have many toys and books. Ulka was on board all the way and happily started filling up a bag. Ila was not as enthusiastic, but managed to part with a few things (she has no idea what I had already bagged up- it will never be missed!) Ulka and  I loaded up the car and drove it all to the Unity House in Troy. What a great feeling to be rid of so much excess.

for donation- the high chair came back out because the girls actually play with it.

Now all the kids fall clothes are in boxes, labeled ready to go into their drawers when the weather changes. Thanks to hand-me-downs for the girls and the pass it on sale for the boys they all have everything they need, without overdoing it.

one reasonably sized box for each child

Of course I didn’t give away everything as I love to pass down my children’s clothes too- so Laura, be prepared to receive full fall wardrobes for those beautiful children of yours!

The kids have been so patient and good this week while I’ve been in a frenzy cleaning and sorting and organizing. Kitchen cupboards and drawers, my craft and sewing cabinet, a giant tangle of yarn oddments…..but it hasn’t been all work. Ulka had a friend sleep over for the first time and we went out to the lake in Scotia a couple of days, and of course to the pool and out for walks so we’ve been making the most of the last few weeks of summer too.

Ulka and Lucy having a bedtime snack

Collins Park in Scotia

what to do with over ripe bananas? Banana Pudding!

Kairav at work with his laptop that Ishaan made him and his cup of coffee

Now everything is sorted, school planning is well under way (more on that later) and I’m preparing for a very dirty, very happy, very exhausted boy with a million stories and a ton of filthy laundry- Ishaan comes home tomorrow!

Countdown to Ishaan coming home from camp- Ila is really missing him.


2 responses to “in excess

  1. I love the picture of Kairav with the laptop and coffee!! It can’t get any cuter!! Love reading your blog posts, miss you guys! 🙂

  2. I love the sneak peek into your life. My friends have all been going through a similar purge and I am starting one. Our pastor’s wife wrote a book that should be out soon on the topic. I can’t wait to read it. You should check it out… the trailer is at the bottom. You are such an amazing mom! Keep posting!

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