Ishaan came home from camp full of stories and ideas  and is already planning which session he wants to go to next year, counting down the days, and coming up with ways to pay for it- so look out for new things in his esty shop soon.

Some of his handcrafts

The girls were so incredibly happy to see him, especially Ila.  When Ishaan saw her he ran over to her and scooped her up and she just nuzzled into him. It was a sweet and tender moment to watch. She told him he was never going to Deerfoot again because she missed him too much.

Brothers reunited

a rare family photo

We knew that two weeks away would change him but we weren’t sure how or how much. We were bracing ourselves for re-entry issues -squabbling with his sisters and general moodiness but we were pleasantly surprised that we got none of that and he just seems more responsible and considerate and easy-going.  He’s always been a fairly outgoing and confident kid, but there seems to be a new relaxed confidence and he is just at ease with himself.  Maybe it is just me projecting  onto him, but whatever it is it’s great. I am so glad he had such and incredible time and so thankful to the amazing staff at Deerfoot , but so happy to have him home safe and sound!

Canoe in progress

I’ve been reading the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder” by Richard Louv.  It is a wonderful book that I have been meaning to read for several years now and I highly recommend it.

I like to think we do a pretty good job at giving our kids freedom and independence to experience nature on their own terms and that has become so much easier since leaving Brooklyn. This book goes into the details of why it is so important for children to experience nature- wether it is in your backyard, in the park, in the woods, on a camping trip, or anywhere really.

The book also has an interesting bit on camps and how and why they can be so beneficial for kids in a lot of ways. I love this quote from the book about camps, “The great worth of outdoor education programs is their focus on the elements that have always united humankind: driving rain, hard wind, warm sun, forests deep and dark- and the awe and amazement that our Earth inspires, especially during our formative years”. We love Deerfoot Lodge because it remains a camp whose focus is to bring boys to nature and teaches them love and respect it by holding on to the ideals it was founded on in 1930.

Circle of Friendship


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