Normal life

My friend Sarah had this great idea to document her ‘real’ life in photographs everyday for one week and invited anyone who was interested to do the same.  I thought it was a neat idea to post normal life pictures that capture (or expose) the mundane and the messy that tend to get skipped when people blog.  I was planning on participating too, but kept waiting for ‘normal’ life to happen. My first excuse was that Ishaan was away at camp and that life without Ishaan just wasn’t real.  Then our friend Sara (no H) was visiting from Brooklyn and that was tons of fun but not ‘normal’ and then we were planning a trip to Brooklyn etc. etc. But I realized that I was missing the whole point of the exercise. Things happen: blueberries ripen and you make pie, friends visit, county fairs go on,  people travel, kids get sick, hurricanes hit and it is all the real stuff of life. Okay, so maybe hurricanes and power outages are not normal, but they happen and you deal with them.

Maybe sometime this fall I will participate in the everyday project because I like the idea, but for now here is a little glimpse into the last couple of weeks in our life.

Ishaan working on a wedding present for our friends

Ishaan working on a wedding present for our friends

Ila at the fair

Ila at the fair

Blueberry picking with Sara

Blueberry picking with Sara

Ishaan's first night home from camp

Ishaan's first night home from camp


5 responses to “Normal life

  1. Hi Sonia, I must be a little late to the game since I had not idea that you blogged…and I just explored a little bit and I love your blog!! Wonderful to have a glimpse into your life upstate and to see how big the kids are getting! Our summer has been a tough transition for me, I keep thinking about the message that you sent me about how leaving NYC was one of the hardest things that you have done, and it definitely has been that way for me too. I keep waiting for it to get easier but I know that will take a lot of time. Looking forward to following your blog now! xoFaith

  2. Yay Sonia – loving reading about life…especially anything that involves your heritage, that is what makes you unique! That and your creativity too! I like capturing everyday life too, but sometimes Maya will say – “Mum why are you taking a picture of me folding the washers?”…good question…the answer I say…”To cherish the small everyday moments!”

    Hope you have recovered from Irene and that the damage turns out not to be to much. I am tired from all the extra work!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Kirsten xo

  3. love love love.
    you and your family are some of my favorites in the world, and i love to visit. thanks for letting me come and hang.
    and next time… easy on the dressing!

  4. Hi, Sonia, so sorry to be thinking you guys were in nyc and I missed you…when were you here?? makes me sad. but I LOVE reading the blog (now that I know it is here…) great pics!! I hope to see you all some time …love to everyone! Judith

    • no Judith, you didn’t miss us. We would not have come to Brooklyn and not told you about it. We had to cancel our trip because of the trees on our house- we needed to be here to deal with everything. hope to see you soon though.

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