the little guy turns two!

Today was Kairav’s birthday! It is so exciting that he is two, I love two-year olds and never really bought into that whole terrible twos thing.  He is lovely, and sweet, and clever, and definitely the class clown. He makes us all laugh all the time.

just out

I thought that since he is the fourth and last baby  I would be nostalgic about his birthday and leaving babyhood behind, but I’m not. I am more excited than ever to watch him grow, and change, and learn all the things his siblings can do and see his personality develop into the little boy he is becoming. And, I’m REALLY looking forward to being done with diapers, forever- and it looks like the end is not far away.

We started the day with yummy pear muffins and of course Kairav’s had a candle in it and we all sang happy birthday and he beamed.  Our friends Sarah and Lucy came over- Wednesday is the day we hang out and cook and knit while the boys are at their wilderness class.  They brought Kairav a balloon and some of those squeaky paper noise makers which were a huge hit.

birthday muffin

My parents are coming down tomorrow to celebrate the big day, so we thought we would wait until then for cake and gifts, plus then we get to watch him blow out his birthday candles twice.  Today is also Diwali (more on that later), so we had a big meal with lots of candles and sweets so there was celebration all day.

As I’ve said before I love birthdays and Kairav got even more kisses and hugs and cuddles than usual and when I put him to bed I said “Goodnight baby” because he will be my baby forever.


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