Reading Rut

School has been going well for both kids and for me, but lately I’ve been feeling like Ulka needs a bit of a change. Her reading is progressing well using the method I described in an earlier post, and she has been generally happy with the way we have been doing her reading/writing lessons. Recently though, she has been complaining a bit so I decided to try something new for a while and take a step back to give her a little break.

I am a huge fan of the children’s author Elisa Kleven and I think her illustrations are wonderful.  She makes beautiful collages and uses lots of different materials.








I also love the Barefoot Books and Kairav has been enjoying this one at bedtime. It is full of bright illustrations that remind me a little bit of Elisa Kleven’s art. I used these books as inspiration for a fresh approach for Ulka. I cut out lots of shapes from colored paper at let her use them to create her own paper cut pictures.

paper cut picture


Then I gave her a list of words for her to read and use to label her picture. Then next day she told me a story about her illustration and I helped her to write it down.

I think she is really enjoying this break from our reading routine and I am too. When  school lessons slow down for Christmas preparation, I am going to have her choose her favorite paper cut picture and I will help her make a appliqué replication of it using wool felt, bits of wool roving, buttons, and other things. We will look at lots of Elisa Kleven books for ideas and inspiration. Then she can give it away as a gift!

Next week we go back to the Burgess Animal Book for Children and learn more about Peter and Jumper and all their friends and neighbors in the Green Forest.


3 responses to “Reading Rut

  1. Sounds perfect! Well, done.

  2. That sounds so fun, and what a great way to encourage reading and also creativity in general. It sounds like you are a wonderful teacher!!

  3. Thanks for the tips! Elisa Kleven is new to me!

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