A (new) New Year

I look forward to a new year with eager anticipation. A new leaf, a fresh start, a new beginning- it all seems so hopeful to me. All the bad behaviors and habits from the past year somehow get erased, we get to go back to go. But this year didn’t start off like that for me, and  maybe I am finally catching on and realizing that it is idealistic and unrealistic to think that miraculously, overnight everything is going to be new and different and somehow better. The kids still misbehave, I still yell too much, the house still gets messy, and I still love sweets.

We took a long break from school and I was excited about starting new blocks with both the kids. I had planned out what I thought were fun and exciting projects for both Ishaan and Ulka. I was looking forward to getting back into a routine and rhythm of school, chores, and activities. Boy, what a rude wake up call I got- the first week of school kicked my butt.  Everyday felt like a battle between me and the kids, and they won EVERY SINGLE time. But wait, there is a small army of them and only one of me. I guess I should be thankful that at least they were teaming up and coming together in their quest to wear me down, but 4 against 1 seems unfair.  Fortunately on Friday we went over to our favorite family’s house for the afternoon and I could vent and have someone else around to see just how awful my kids are and stand with me in solidarity.  Instead, Sarah reminded me of how great our kids are, even on the tough days. She is right, my kids are awesome and I need to remember that every moment, even when they are making me insane.

So, I’ve decided to let myself have  new, new year. A fresh start, a new leaf but with realistic expectations of both me and the kids. Today we started a new week of school and I modified my lesson plans to make them more hands-on and hopefully more interesting. Ishaan will start his mornings as he always does- with math facts, spelling words, and main lesson work. Ulka will start her morning with math, reading, and cello practice.  In the afternoon we will catch up on things we didn’t finish in the morning and do art and handwork.

Ishaan is currently doing a Fibers and Clothing block, and for obvious reasons I am really excited about it.  There are so many opportunities for really great hands on projects.  We started with leather and Ishaan is learning about the different kinds of leather and about the tanning process.  Last week he made a knife case from a leather kit he got for Christmas, and this week we will start making a pair of leather moccasins. We don’t have a kit or a pattern for these, so it will be a much more challenging project that might take much longer than I planned, but the “new-beginnings-fresh start me” says “I’m okay with that.”

Now, off I go to plan our new, new year’s celebration. I think champagne might be  in order.  So Happy New Year everyone!


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