A Week in the Life- Day One

A while back, in the summer sometime, I mentioned that my friend Sarah was doing a neat little project of documenting her life in photos everyday for a week. The idea behind this is to capture the little moments that go by unmentioned and unblogged. I had wanted to do this with her in the summer but didn’t get my act together in time, so am participating in the winter edition.

So here it is friends. The unedited version of our daily life.

Breakfast of steel-cut oats. Actually it is second breakfast. I usually go out to the gym before the kids get up.  They get up and get themselves cereal or toast. By the time I get home and make my breakfast they are hungry again- especially Ila who would just graze all day if we let her.

School time. Ila and Kairav don’t usually join us at the table, but today we started another drawing block and everyone wants in on that. You can tell where my seat is- the one with coffee and knitting.

Kairav goes down for a nap while we continue on with lessons. Ila has moved on to puzzles.

Ulka finishes her school work before Ishaan and moves directly to cello practice. We found that this works best and avoids, for the most part, tears and fighting. Today that was not the case. There were tears and fighting. It frustrates me because she actually loves to practice and is getting pretty good. Sometimes I think she just feel like a fight- I wonder where she gets that from.

We are pretty desperate to get Kairav out of diapers. Kairav is not so desperate to get out of diapers.  Some days are better than others. Today was one of the not so good days. “My pants wet. Funny?” “no Kairav not funny, yucky.” “Not yucky, funny” and so on and on and on.

Finally, after some much-needed outside time for the kids and quiet inside time for me preparing the meal, it was dinner time and bedtime. Our house is pretty chilly in the winter, so everyone gets sent to bed with a hot water bottle, or a ‘cocky pussle’ as Kairav calls them.  Here are a few of them waiting to be filled.

Ila’s laundry folded, sorted, and “bundled” ready to be put away. Making these little bundles for Ila proved to be one of those rare strokes of genius. If left on her own to get dressed, Ila will come down wearing only tights and a t-shirt and then complain that she’s cold. Now all she has to do is select a bundle and put it on. It has saved much frustration and she loves them.

Sisters ready for bed. Ishaan, Ulka and Ila are all currently sharing a bedroom and I think it has been really good for them. It’s going to be hard when Ila and Kairav’s room renovation is finished and we split them up again.

Andy reading Lord of the Rings to Ishaan for bedtime.

And that’s the end of day one.


4 responses to “A Week in the Life- Day One

  1. You have a beautiful life. I am so glad y’all are in ours.

  2. this is a fantastic day, Sonia. I miss you all less and more seeing it!

  3. Sonia – I love Ila’s clothes bundles – I have not ever seen this idea before and maybe one day will do this myself (clarify…not for myself…for Elle) Thanks for sharing! I am really enjoying a day in the life of your family – you are amazing. I have been thinking of doing ‘a week of dinners’, but am feeling pressed about blogging every day – even though I do that almost anyway. Well done, keep it up sister!

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