A Week in the Life – Day Two

Today was Andy’s birthday so I got up early enough to make scones for breakfast before the morning routine and busyness began. Sitting down to a family breakfast is always a great way to start the day. I wish we did this more often than we do. Our mornings are busy and it usually only happens about once a week.

On the mornings that I don’t get up and go to the gym, I catch up on chores or get groceries. Today was grocery morning. If I can get myself going and get out in time to be back before Andy starts work that is a good day. Otherwise I end up taking all 4 kids in the afternoon and that is not so much fun. Today was one of those good days. I took Ila with me- she likes to go and it’s sort of like a date for us.

We stopped to see the snowdrops coming up in our garden on our way.

A bonus find at the grocery store- Organic Blackstrap Molasses on sale for 75% off! I bought 3 and went back for 3 more for me and 3 for a friend. We use a lot of molasses and a bottle is pretty expensive so this was a super find.

After a slightly truncated school morning I got right to work making Andy’s cake. I love trying new cake recipes and wanted to try this really crazy one. It is from my favorite cake book – Maida Heatter’s Cakes. Maida has never let me down. Every one of her cakes are amazing. However in her description of this one she says “it’s a big production to make, but worth every minute.” She was right on both counts. The cake took hours to make and involved making 2 meringue layers, boiled buttercream, a sponge cake, and a Kirsch syrup. It is called a Zuger Kirschtorte and it’s delicious.

Kairav spent a lot of the day cooking also. Yes, those are his underpants in his pot. That’s what he thinks of this whole potty training thing.

Tuesday is cello lesson day and we made it there just in the nick of time, smelling of cake and Indian food. Ulka has practiced hard this week and had a great lesson. I love her teacher so much, and so does Ulka. He is amazing.

Tuesday is also swimming lesson day for the girls and swim team for Ishaan. Ishaan skipped practice today so we could have birthday dinner at a reasonable time and Andy took the girls to their lessons so I could finish up dinner.

Andy’s parents came over for dinner and cake. Both were a success.

We tucked the little ones into bed and now to settle down to some bourbon and birthday down time.


2 responses to “A Week in the Life – Day Two

  1. Oh, I just love you all so much! The cake looks delicious, and Kairav look WAY to old in that last pic.

  2. tell andy happy birthday! i made kyle a guiness cake one year for his birthday, it was delicious!

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