A Week in the Life – Day Three

My love of Wednesdays started a year and a half ago when Ishaan and his friend went to a wilderness program all day and the friend’s lovely mama and sister came over here for the day. No school, shared lunch, and good knitting and chatting ensures a great day. Now the boys and their sisters do a Friday homeschool bowling group (I know, it doesn’t get dorkier than that- I should just put on my denim jumper right now). So that lovely day off  has moved to Friday which is great because it makes a long weekend. Our Wednesdays have somehow managed to stay pretty low-key. The kids don’t have any activities and I don’t (usually) tutor on Wednesday. By Wednesday the rhythm of the week is fully established and is usually going well. We get school done nice and early and then have a whole free afternoon ahead of us.

I forgot to make yogurt last night, so the morning started with yogurt making. I have my mom’s old yogurt maker that she used when I was a kid and it is so easy to make delicious fresh yogurt all the time.

Ila likes to get dressed by the fire. Although I would really prefer that she gets dressed upstairs like the others it’s not really a big deal and a battle I don’t think is worth fighting.

Today was not a typical Wednesday though because I had a Chemistry student in the morning. I don’t normally take students in the daytime, but he needed some emergency test prep and Andy had a bit of a slower day than usual so it worked out. Kairav went down for a nap and Ila stayed home to make cookies with Andy. I packed up Ishaan and Ulka’s school work and the three of us went to the library. Ishaan doesn’t leave home without his bucket lately, more on that later.

Kids are not supposed to be in the library unsupervised until they are 10 which I think is ridiculous. If they are quiet and well-behaved it shouldn’t be a big deal.  I set them up with enough work  to last the 1.5 hours. They were amazing. They just sat silently and got through their work and then sat in the big comfy chairs and read.

Recently our favorite bread went up to 4.50 a loaf. I am unwilling to pay 4.50 for a loaf of bread, so we went back to making bread twice a week. Today was bread day. I think pretty soon I will be able to hand the entire task over to Ulka.

Ulka has been making bread with me and in her playgroup in Brooklyn since she was 3.  We use a basic bread recipe that they used in playgroup and play around with different flours and always add ground flax seeds. It turns out beautifully every time.



****Please note, there is a typo on this recipe. It should say 2T of honey, not 2 1/4 cups. I actually use some molasses and some agave nectar.

A new neighbor moved in just down the street today, so we took the smaller loaf over to her and kept the other for us.

Often we eat a hot lunch all together (usually leftovers), but after spending most of the day in the kitchen yesterday I just didn’t have it in me. Plus I wanted to save the left overs for dinner. This is all I could muster for lunch today.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly mellow. Playing, coloring, reading, knitting, a rousing game of ring around the rosy, and a little prep work for my evening students.

It was a wonderful quiet winter day. One more day until Friday, my most favorite day of the week.


One response to “A Week in the Life – Day Three

  1. Funny, Friday is MY favorite day of the week, too! Used to be Wednesday… The bucket! I just love that bucket.

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