A Week in the Life – Day Four

My love for Wednesday does not carry through into Thursdays. Thursday is a busy day and nearing the end of the week and we are all a bit tired. Thursday morning is chore morning. There are  chores every hour of every day, but on Thursday mornings we try to catch up on all the things that got away from us during the week. That way the house is nice a clean for our Friday and into the weekend.

I knew that  leaving that big pile of laundry on the chair when I went to bed would be something that I would regret it this morning. I did. I’m all about portioning my day out and rewarding little small accomplishments throughout the day. I’m talking about for myself, not the kids here. I don’t know what, if anything, this says about me but it really helps me get stuff done. So, I forced myself to fold a small mountain of laundry and put it all away BEFORE my morning coffee. I don’t function well without my morning coffee, so getting it was a big reward. An even bigger reward was that while I was putting away laundry, a task I simply hate, Andy made a Panakeuken for breakfast. Yummy.

After breakfast Andy started work and the kids were all given chores. The kids dusted and tidied their bedroom, the girls tidied the playroom, and Ishaan tidied the mud room while I raced around trying to cross things off my list.

Ishaan has a daily chore of unloading the dishwasher. He used to complain bitterly about it, but after two years of doing it every morning I think he has come to the realization that complaining about it only makes it worse and he is happy to get it over with.

School started a little bit late and seemed to drag on and on. Ishaan had a hard time focusing and I had to keep nagging him.

I am sewing colored pencil rolls for Ishaan and Ulka for Valentine’s Day so I needed to work on those. The kids almost never ask me what I am making so I can still make things while they are around. Maybe because I’m always making something or another so they don’t really even notice. I don’t especially like making these roll-ups but I really love how they turn out and they both need one. Ulka lost hers and Ishaan never had one. I worked on those while Ishaan plodded through his school work and practiced his knot-tying and Ulka and Ila painted and did gymnastics in the living room.

After the kids’ school work is done, my school work begins. I often have a few hours a week of prep time. I don’t mind it though- I like working through problems that have a formula and a clear answer.

My plan was to make dinner early because our Thursday afternoons are a mad rush, but the kids and I were both going stir crazy so we headed outside for a while. Ishaan, Ulka, and Ila go in and out all day but it was fun to go out with them and to take Kairav out to play too.

So, instead of the lentils and veggies and quinoa that I had planned for dinner, Andy made pasta while I took Ishaan to swim practice. I dropped Ishaan off, gave everyone a kiss and hopped on my bike to meet my Physics student. Andy cleaned up from dinner, packed up the kids and drove them over to his parents house, and went over to our friends house for our weekly fellowship group. I biked over and met him after tutoring and gobbled down the banana and yogurt he brought me for dinner. See, too hectic for my liking. I don’t like Thursdays and am exhausted and going to bed so rest up for Friday- my big day of fun.


One response to “A Week in the Life – Day Four

  1. I love, love, love it when I get a glimpse in to the lives of other moms and bloggers. I struggle constantly to find some sort of order and structure as a SAHM. You seem so organized and dedicated. Truely a joy and an inspiration. Thank you for a great post.

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