A Week in the Life – Day Five

As I might have mentioned, I love Fridays. Today, did not disappoint.  When my alarm went off at 6:20 I thought there was no way I could get ready and go to the gym. I made myself do it, and my welcome home was worth the effort of going. Ishaan and Kairav met me at the door.  Ishaan took my coat and Kairav brought me my slippers. I was then escorted to the dining room where a bowl of yogurt and molasses and a cup of hot coffee awaited me. The house was spotless and the kids were all dressed. Not a bad way to start the day!

At 9:45 Sarah arrived to take Ishaan and Ulka, along with her two children, to their homeschool bowling group. Sarah, my sweet friend, takes my two so that Ila and I can have some special time together while Kairav naps.  Not only did she take my kids for me, she brought us dinner for tonight. She has some great bowling shots here.

Today Ila and I got lunch ready and then went to the bowling alley to watch the kids. Sometimes we go out for a walk, or paint, or bake, but today we thought it would be fun to go and watch for a little while.

When we got home Ulka and Lucy  immediately put on their leotards and did about an hour of gymnastics. They are both about the same level, incredibly strong and determined, and neither of them want to be outdone by the other so they are a good match.

I love our Friday lunches together. I love that our kids will eat just about anything we put in front of them- with the exception of Kairav today who broke down sobbing because I told him he couldn’t have any more pita chips until he ate his spinach and lentils.

After lunch we sent the kids outside. The Ishaan and Jack wanted to make a fire in the fire pit so we said sure. They couldn’t get it to light with their flint and steels, so they asked if they could bike to the store to buy some matches. That sounded reasonable to us so again we said sure.

A little while later Ulka came in and offered us mints. When asked where she got them, she said that Ishaan bought them at the Marketplace because the matches were free. Sarah and I looked at each other with looks of combined hilarity and horror. We sent our two 9-year-old boys out on bikes in the middle of February to the store to buy matches in the middle of a school day. But the craziest part is that the people in the store said “matches are free”, so they used their money to but a tin of Altoids.

We burst into hysterical laughter tears streaming down our cheeks. Ila looked at us so confused and Sarah said “it’s ok, it’s just laugh-crying”. I’m not sure that cleared anything up for Ila.

Ulka and Lucy were not allowed to go with Ishaan and Jack and wanted to do something by themselves too, so they took their dolls out for a walk around the block.

Anyway, the boys got the fire going and the 5 ‘big’ kids spent the rest of the afternoon out by the fire sipping “tea . I later found out that they were just heating up water in a pan on the fire and dropping Altoids into it. Apparently they did try boiling grass, but I don’t think that worked out.

Last week I saw this really sweet crochet heart garland online and I got it in my head that even though I don’t like to crochet and I’m not very good at it,  I wanted to make one. I struggled through and taught myself (using the pattern that I can’t find right now to link to) how to make these hearts. I made lots of them but they just kept coming out looking awful. Sarah, also a non-crocheter, also gave it a go and hers were so lovely.  She shared her pattern with me and I still couldn’t do it. Finally after playing around with the two patterns I made some sort of pattern mash-up and got them to work. yay! I love them. I’m hooked and spent the entire 2 hours of Ulka’s gymnastics class making them.

A pile of rejects:

And now that I finally figured them out:

Dinner was already made for us and the kids were exhausted which made for an easy, tear free (mostly) evening. Jack brought the next installments of the Mysterious Benedict Society for Ish to borrow, so he is set for the weekend!



Now off to have left over birthday cake and make more hearts.

Two more days of this project. I hope you, my friends, are not getting tired of it!


One response to “A Week in the Life – Day Five

  1. Laugh crying all over again! Matches!!!!

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