A Week in the Life – Day Six

I find that when we are out of milk and bread, we often have a more hearty filling breakfast because we cannot resort of bowls of cold cereal which the kids all love. Usually by Saturday we are pretty low on groceries but we almost always have dry grains and beans on hand, so it was steel-cut oats with lots of yummy toppings. Sounds great, but it would have been better if I hadn’t stormed off in the middle of breakfast because I couldn’t deal with the nonsense. Not a great way to start the day.

The kids have been in 4H for a couple of years and the leader moved away over the summer. I took over the position, not at all because I want to be the leader but because I didn’t want the group to die out.  I’ve got to be just about the worst 4H leader around. I have plenty of plans and ideas but I fail miserably at executing them. All my organizing and planning faculties are used up on school and home duties and the group is falling apart a little bit. I finally asked another mom to take over the administration part of the group- arranging the meetings and e-mailing etc. She is super motivated and organized and much better at it than me.

We had a meeting today and we are making wren houses. The kids were all pretty excited about the project and Andy took charge of it since it is much more his domain than mine. He cut out the pieces but the kids used the drill press to make the holes and to hammer and screw them together. They came out nicely. Next time we will paint them and research more about wrens for our group project for the county fair.

The afternoon was pretty low-key. Ishaan read for hours, Andy split some wood, and I studied Physics. After a lunch of leftovers we went out  to the local DEC Nature and Education Center which is less than 10 minutes from our house. It is a lovely place to go for a half an hour or a whole afternoon. There are lots of trails and a visitors center with some neat stuff including a rescued Barred Owl named Aries.

There are lots of photos from our little afternoon hike/walk. What the pictures don’t capture is Ila crying because she got soap in her sleeve when she used the bathroom, and then crying because she couldn’t put her mitten on her wet hand, and then crying because she couldn’t walk very fast. They also don’t capture my frustration with her crying and my lecture about how she is not a baby and she has to start acting like a big girl. Nor does it capture her glee when she climbed down the big hill all by herself because she actually is a big and very brave girl now.

Ishaan found a dead raccoon on the trail and after poking it with a stick to make sure it was really dead, there was much discussion and speculation about how and why it died. Kairav just kept asking if it was lost.

We returned home to find a package from my mom with an awesome new vest for Kairav and her heart shaped cake pan that she’s passing on to me. We had a quick hot cocoa (mine had Kirsch in it!) and off to Andy’s parents for dinner. Yay! Off the hook for dinner!

Somehow I had enough forethought to take the kids pajamas with us, so they all got ready for bed over there. All they had to do was brush teeth, have a quick story and fall into bed.

Not a bad Saturday. I really should either clean the office- which has become a pile of my tutoring stuff and craft stuff, or work on those pencil roll ups but I know that I will end up crocheting more hearts and watching something mindless on Netflix.


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