A Week in the Life – Day Seven

I wish we could sleep in or at least laze around in our pajamas drinking  coffee on Sunday mornings but that is not the case in our house. We have to be up, dressed, breakfasted, and ready to be out the door by 8am for church. We could go to the 11:15 service but then we don’t get home until 1:30 and we feel like it’s a waste of our day. We are late for church about 100% of the time, but hey, at least we make it.

When we get home we get some lunch on the table, put Kairav down for a nap and proceed with a relaxing but hopefully productive Sunday afternoon.

It’s blood orange season!

Lately with my increase in students I’ve had to go out in the afternoon to tutor for an hour or two which I don’t usually mind. Today I really really really did not want to go, but I just kept reminding myself that every hour of tutoring is a cello lesson for Ulka, or a month of YMCA membership, or part of an iPad. A little motivation goes a long way.

I did get to squeeze in some cuddle time with my favorite 4 year old before I left.

Ulka, my own little live-in mother’s helper, got Kairav ready  and put him down for his nap.

Ulka does not have any idea how to relax and be still. For her doing gymnastics is relaxing.

On her beam that Andy made her for Christmas.

Ishaan could literally read all day if we let him.

While I was out at the library Andy and Ishaan made a shelf for Ishaan’s bedroom wall.  Ishaan is a collector of treasures and he needs a place to keep them where they are not in my way and out of the reach of curious little hands. It came out super great and he is thrilled with it.

Sunday night is pizza night. No pizza here even approaches real Brooklyn pizza and frankly it’s just not worth buying.Andy has become an expert dough maker, though he hasn’t yet mastered throwing it up the the air and catching it to stretch it out! Although our homemade pizza doesn’t really come close to Brooklyn pizza either, it is it’s own thing and we quite like it. It’s fun to experiment with toppings. Today we made a leek, mushroom, and garlic with herbs and feta (no red sauce) and a spinach, garlic and tomato for our family. We also made a pie for our neighbors who just had a baby and delivered it piping hot.

After dinner the kids watched the 1950s version of Cheaper by the Dozen on the computer. Movies for them are a real treat so they were super excited.

I spent some time working on those blasted colored pencil rolls. Ulka’s is almost done and Ishaan’s is well on it’s way. And now after I’ve finished this post I think a glass of wine and an early night is in order.

I am sure that over the last seven days you have noticed a pattern to our little life here. Homeschooling, making stuff, cello, gymnastics, reading, and cooking. That is how we spend most of our time- at least in the winter. I am planning to make this a seasonal project so watch for the spring edition!

Well friends thanks for tuning into my little experiment here. I appreciate every one of you and all your kind and encouraging comments. It’s been a little bit exhausting documenting everything  and blogging every day for a week and I’ll be glad to have a little break!

Good night!


10 responses to “A Week in the Life – Day Seven

  1. Family is what matters. I looked forwarded to all your daily installments. A very successful project. A fun, insightful and inspiring read.

  2. I had forgotten and it was great to see. The paintings where from my teacher training. I did not always know what to do with them and did not want to throw them away……… Thank you for sharing your life. I’m tuned in ready for next adventures.

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your daily life :). It is tiring blogging every day , enjoy your days off. You have such a wonderful family and we miss you guys!

  4. I have really enjoyed this window into your week and it has been such a treat to see pictures of the kids (they are so big now eeek!) and your home up north! I’ve always been so impressed with how productive you are and now I am even more impressed. Can’t wait for the spring installment of a week in the life. xo

  5. I love your blog! I love your life! What an amazing family you have! My best to all!

  6. Lovely, Sonia. Thanks for doing this. Great to experience your world through story like this.

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