Healing Lessons

The title of this post might be very similar to my last post, Healing Herb Garden, but this is a  different sort of post. It is not about school or gardening or anything else that you might find useful. It is a mini revelation of sorts. We all have them from time to time and these days mine usually involve some sort of wake up call, reminding me about who I want to be as a mother.

A few days ago Ila, our five-year old, fell off a little exercise  trampoline at our neighbor’s house. We were busy getting ready for a yard sale and frankly didn’t have the time or energy to console an over-reacting child. There were a whole lot of tears and a good bit of screaming, but that is just kind of what Ila does when she is hurt. And besides, it was not a serious fall.  But the crying didn’t stop so I took her inside. When I sat her on the table and gave her my full attention I could tell immediately that this was not just Ila over reacting. Her cry was different and something wasn’t right. She said that her shoulder hurt and when I looked it was clearly not ok- even I could tell that her bones on one side didn’t look the same as the other side. The on-call pediatrician could tell just by looking that she had fractured her collar-bone.

It was a low point for me. Not because she broke her collar-bone, but because of how I reacted to her. Lately I’ve been snapping at the kids and yelling too much. I am out of energy and patience most days and just generally feeling unmotivated as a homeschooling mom. The school year is wearing on me and I am yearning for beautiful weather when we can just be outside all day.

Over the last few days Ila has needed, and deserved, extra help kindness patience and love and I give it readily. My sweetness with Ila has overflowed to the other kids too and our days are just more gentle. I am trying to be the kind of mom I want to and strive to be.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not living in some sort of dreamy existence. There is still yelling and fighting and frustration but Ila’s injury, though not terribly serious, helped to put things back into perspective for me. It reminded me of how resilient kids are but also of how fragile their spirits can be and that I need to take care of them and be gentle with them all the time, not just when they are hurt.


4 responses to “Healing Lessons

  1. sara honeycakes

    i can’t believe how much she looks like ulka in that picture… headband, face, all of it… xo

  2. great post, Sonia…

  3. Lovely and a good reminder for all of us!

  4. So true dear friend. Today I took the children to a fancy chocolate shop as Maya had some pocket money she want to buy a special chocolate with. I ended up miss directing some other personal issues I have been dealing with and felt I needed to control her choice. I was not happy that she wanted to choose a chunk of dark chocolate – like cooking chocolate over a fancier option, as that was the purpose of going to this fancy shop! I ended up making her cry, made myself feel bad and I ruined the whole experience. A horrible reminder for me to be gentle and kind. It is hard being a Mother. Thankfully, a cuddle and kind words made us all feel better. You are a great Mother Sonia. Love Kirsten

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