Deerfoot Dropoff

All packed up- not much stuff for 2 weeks (they don’t do laundry)

My sweet boys

I thought that dropping Ishaan off at camp this year would be easier for me than it was last year. I guess in some ways it was since I knew what to expect in terms of registration, meeting the Chiefs, and other administrative details. It was easier because it is Ishaan’s second year and I don’t have to worry about whether or not he will have a great time.

Quick stop on the way to camp

It was easier for a lot of reasons, but then why do I have a horrible sad anxious feeling deep inside. Why am I pacing around wondering what to do with myself? I guess dropping him off for two weeks of wilderness camp will never be easy, but hopefully each year will be just a little bit easier.

Ishaan already meeting people and making friends

An amazing thing happened at drop off- we ran into two old friends from New York. Both of their boys were going to the same session and none of us knew it. One of them still lives in NYC and the other moved away shortly after we did so it was pretty neat for the boys to all see each other, completely unexpectedly, again.

I know from last year that I shouldn’t expect much in the way of letter writing and since there is no phone communication, once again I will have to wait unit he gets back to hear about it. Two weeks without talking to my boy seems like forever!

Andy took the girls on a father-daughter camping trip with some others dads and daughters from our church so he wasn’t around to take Ishaan. He was disappointed  that he would miss out on going to Deerfoot but it was important to have that special time with Ulka and Ila. They were so excited about the weekend- it was so sweet to watch them pack up their backpacks and giggle excitedly about how much fun it was going to be.

So yesterday we dropped Andy and the girls off to meet the van and everyone said their goodbyes there.

Andy’s mom babysit Kairav for a couple of hours so that I could take Ish out on a date to pick up the few things he needed for camp and go out for dinner . It was such a sweet time with my amazing boy.  Now the count down begins until we have him home again!


One response to “Deerfoot Dropoff

  1. Oh my goodness, in that second to last picture there is a real maturity to Ishaan’s face. I can only imagine how strange it must feel to be without him, without even a word from him for two week! I can’t believe that he turns 10 this month, how time has flown. I’m still trying to get my head around Jasper turning 8 in October, the years have gone so quickly. I love the picture of your tow boys together, I’m hoping that in a couple of years I’ll have a similar photo, Jasper is so excited about having a little brother! I am feeling good, thanks for your comment on my blog, this has been my easiest pregnancy physically, such a blessing. We can’t wait to meet this little guy!

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