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Autumn Crafts

This is going to be just a quick post, hopefully getting me back into posting.  It’s been a busy fall and looks like it might even be getting busier as we start big new projects, but more on that another time. We are off to a good school year and have started the fall yard clean up and garden bedding-down.  There is always time for crafting though, and we have made some fun things.

Last winter I made a heart garland for some Valentine’s Day fun which got me all excited about seasonal garlands and I made a flower one in the spring. I planned on doing a sweet butterfly garland for summer but that didn’t happen. There’s always next summer though.  I found several nice patterns for autumn leaves and set out to make a leaf garland using yarn leftovers.  I settled on this pattern for oak leaves. As I have mentioned before I am not much of a crochet-er so it took a little while to get the hang of this pattern but once I did I could whip them off fairly quickly. They are great when you just have a few minutes here are there. I decided to felt my leaves to make them a bit more solid feeling (and to hide my mistakes!).

Once I had a nice pile of autumn leaves for my garland, I decided not to make a garland. On Andy’s excellent suggestion we went out and found a branch and I hung all the leaves from the branch. Then Andy helped me hang the whole thing from the ceiling. I love it!

The girls have been working on a sweet little fall craft also. Last year my friend Sarah shared a lovely idea for a children’s seasonal craft. You can check it out here on her blog. Unfortunately, as crafts sometimes go, my girls didn’t finish them properly so we never got to display our cute jack-o-lanterns.  I decided to do that project again this year, but instead of jack-o-lanterns I made acorn and leaf templates and they are making fall decorations. Ila finished hers the day we started and Ulka is still working on them.

Ila of course got a lot more help. I cut out the shapes for her and I made little dots on the felt to help her know where to poke her needle, but I think she did a great job.

Ila’s acorn

Ila’s leaf.

Ulka was left on her own to cut out the leaves and sew them on. Her’s are coming out great too!

Ulka’s leaves

Happy Autumn Everyone! I would love to know what projects you all are working on too!